A great deal of my work is done on a commission basis. Each of the pieces below were uniquely designed and crafted for each customer. Most of them are highly sentimental and hold a lot of meaning, check out my testimonials page for some lovely words from my past customers.

I also create custom music boxes which are encased in intricate hand cut card sculptures. Each piece can be completely personalised, including the song choice.  I hand punch the analogue music strip which is fed in a loop through a mechanical music box mechanism. This is then hidden within the sculpture which can be made to any theme and include any details you require. These are available to order, but the quote is dependant on the work involved. Please email me through my contact form for more information on this particular product.

If anything here sparks you imagination, please do get in touch and we can see if we can make your ideas come to life with paper and light. 


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